Nordex receives orders for 180 MW of wind power in Germany

Nordex successfully started the third quarter of 2023 on the German market in July and August with orders totaling 181 MW. The Nordex Group supplies 32 wind turbines to different customers for projects in Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia, among others.

The largest of the winning projects is built in Lower Saxony. Shortly after the start of the installation of the first of the twelve wind turbines of the 82 MW Gevensleben wind farm in the district of Helmstedt, the Landwind group has ordered more N163/6.X wind turbines. For the 40 MW Cramme II wind farm in the Wolfenbüttel district, the Nordex Group will install six turbines of the 6 MW class at a hub height of 164 meters. The construction and commissioning of the turbines is scheduled for 2024.

“We are delighted that our customers have placed new orders,” says Felipe Villalon Waldburg-Zeil, Central Regional Sales Director of the Nordex Group. “The largest wind farm in Germany for the Nordex group and the Landwind group is currently being built in Gevensleben. Cramme II is also a large project with 40 MW; the Landwind group relies on our 6 MW technology for both wind farms.”
With more than 100 employees, the Landwind-Group plans, builds and manages wind power projects throughout Germany. The head office is located in Gevensleben, Lower Saxony. The wind turbines managed by the Landwind-Group produce around 600 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. LandStrom, a group-owned energy provider, supplies private and commercial customers with 100 percent green electricity. In addition, its own solar, wind and biogas balancing group as well as an energy cooperative complete the company’s overall image as a promoter of energy change.
The Group has installed more than 44 GW of wind power capacity in more than 40 markets and in 2022 generated revenues of €5.7 billion. The company currently has a workforce of approx. 9,000. Joint manufacturing capacity includes factories in Brazil, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain and the United States. The product portfolio is focused on onshore turbines of the 4 to 6.X MW class, which are tailor-made for the market requirements of countries with limited space and regions with limited grid capacity.