Navantia Seanergies and SeAH will promote offshore wind power in Asia and the United States

Navantia Seanergies and SeAH have formalized a collaboration agreement with the objective of promoting the development of offshore wind energy in various regions of Asia, paying special attention to the Republic of Korea, a State with significant ambitions in its geographical area and on the coast western America. The Republic of Korea plans to install 12 GW of offshore wind power in 2030 with floating technology.

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea has set an ambitious goal of reaching 12 GW of offshore wind power capacity by 2030. Notably, the Ulsan Bay area, located to the southeast of the country, will contribute 9 GW of floating wind energy, which would make it the cluster with the highest concentration of floating units worldwide. As in the case of Spain, the challenge for the development of offshore wind energy in the Republic of Korea lies in the great depth of its waters, ranging between 100 and 400 meters, which prompts the country to opt for floating technology. .

The signing of the agreement took place at the Navantia Seanergies facilities in Fene, La Coruña, and was attended by important representatives of both companies: Javier Herrador, director of Navantia Seanergies; Abel Méndez, Commercial and Business Development Director; Kwonhan Lee, vice president of SeAH; and Juan Kim, Commercial Director of SeAH.

The collaboration between Navantia Seanergies and SeAH will focus on the manufacture of complete floats, components or materials in the Republic of Korea or in countries where SeAH has a presence or may establish itself, such as the United States and Australia.

The offshore wind market continues to grow steadily in Europe and is projected to expand into new geographic regions, such as the United States and Asia Pacific, where experienced manufacturers with a reliable and expert supply chain will be required. This evolution offers new business opportunities and, therefore, the need to develop innovative solutions in manufacturing, project management and supply chain.

SeAH, in collaboration with Taiichio and Wolf Projects, has been a key supplier in the construction of jackets for various offshore wind energy projects carried out by Navantia Seanergies Fene, such as the East Anglia One, Saint Brieuc, Le Tréport projects, and the substation jackets with construction in Port Royal, Le Tréport, Noirmoutier and Dogger Bank-C.

The signed agreement establishes the principles for future collaborations in the supply of materials for the sector, which will provide guarantees to Navantia Seanergies to meet the commitments of future projects.

Javier Herrador highlighted the importance of the agreement with SeAH for Navantia Seanergies, focusing on two fundamental aspects within the company’s strategic plan: internationalization as a global supplier and ensuring the supply of materials under preferential conditions for future projects, in which a high demand in the market. This agreement supports Navantia in fulfilling the acquired capacity reserve commitments and other projects.

For his part, Kwonhan Lee expressed his gratitude to Navantia for the trust placed in SeAH Steel, thus consolidating a stable collaboration in recent years. Through this agreement, both companies commit to continue covering Navantia’s needs in the offshore wind energy supply chain, developing manufacturing capacities in South Korea and in new strategic markets through agreements and new investments.

SeAH Steel, as a leader in the manufacture of pipes and tubular steel structures in South Korea, hopes that the synergies resulting from the combination of manufacturing technologies and Navantia’s experience as a leader in the offshore wind energy market contribute to the continuous growth of both companies and position them as benchmarks in the face of future demand, which is projected to be significant.