EDP Renewables will build one of the largest hybrid PV and wind energy plant in Chile

EDPR will build one of the largest hybrid farms in Latin America that will combine wind and photovoltaic energy production in the commune of Taltal;

The company has more than 500 MW of renewable energy in different stages of development in the country and is aligned with the national energy transition objectives.

EDP Renewables, a leading global company in wind and solar energy, has been granted a public tender by the Chilean Ministry of National Assets to develop renewable energy projects in Chile. The project will be located in the Taltal Wind Reserve, situated in the Antofagasta region in the northern part of the country. This region is a major player in energy development due to its abundant solar and wind resources, making it the leading region in installed renewable energy capacity in Chile, accounting for 31% as of June 2023 (Source: National Energy Commission). This high capacity makes it an attractive destination for global investments.

The awarded project allows EDPR to utilize approximately 2,850 hectares of land for the development and operation of clean energy sources over a 40-year period. With this opportunity, the company plans to construct one of the largest renewable projects in Latin America, a hybrid farm that combines both wind and photovoltaic energy.

Furthermore, this tender allows for the integration of energy storage using batteries, making it one of the first projects in Chile to incorporate three technologies (solar, wind, and batteries) in a single connection to the grid. This storage capability enables the project to save the generated energy during times of lower demand and inject it into the grid during peak hours when energy demand is high.

When in operation, the Taltal Wind Reserve project will have an impressive installed capacity of over 323 MW, utilizing both solar and wind power combined.

The Chilean government has been actively promoting the decarbonization of its economy through such concessions, starting from 2010. EDPR’s first award in Chile signifies the company’s commitment to collaborating with the country in achieving its energy transition goals.

“The land that EDPR has been awarded for development boasts excellent wind and solar resources, making the Taltal Commune an ideal location for creating competitive clean energy projects. Moreover, our presence in the Antofagasta region presents an opportunity to grow our footprint in the country, bringing along environmental, social, and economic benefits while also addressing the energy needs of the mining sector through decarbonization”, highlights Enrique Álvarez-Uría, Country Manager of EDPR in Chile.

EDP Renewables has been operating in Chile since 2021 and already has over 500 MW of renewable energy projects in various stages of development throughout the country.

Globally, EDPR is a leader in renewable energy, boasting an installed capacity of more than 15.2 GW. The company has been at the forefront of developing projects that significantly contribute to a more sustainable sector. For instance, it recently inaugurated its largest renewable complex, Monte Verde, in Brazil, with a capacity of 580 MW. Additionally, EDPR pioneered hybrid wind and solar farms in Portugal and Spain, its home markets, and is continuously investing in new ways to develop renewable electricity, including Singapore’s first floating solar farm.