Enel Signs Retail Agreement to Supply Eaton Facility with Texas Wind Energy

Enel North America has announced a retail electricity supply agreement with Eaton, a leading intelligent power management company. This agreement expands the existing collaboration between the two companies. Under the agreement, Enel will supply electricity to Eaton’s manufacturing facility in Sherman, Texas, and provide renewable energy certificates (RECs) generated by Enel’s High Lonesome wind farm in West Texas. The wind electricity and associated RECs are Green-e Energy certified, ensuring product quality and authentic ownership.

The agreement with Enel supports Eaton’s 2030 science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and achieve carbon neutral operations. Purchasing renewable energy bundled with certified RECs directly through a retail energy supply agreement is a simplified and effective approach for companies with facilities in retail choice states like Texas to reduce emissions.

Enel and Eaton have a longstanding collaboration, which began in 2016. Over the years, Enel has provided various services to Eaton, including the development of microgrids and distributed energy resources, demand response services, and advisory services. Eaton, on the other hand, has supplied engineering support, hardware, and equipment to Enel’s renewable energy portfolio, ensuring the generation and delivery of safe, reliable, and cost-effective electricity to the Texas grid.

Rich Gorzé, Global Energy Manager for Eaton, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, stating that it allows Eaton to purchase clean energy from a regional wind project while contributing to energy resilience and air quality improvements in the communities where they operate.

Enel North America, a subsidiary of the Enel Group, is the world’s largest retail energy provider. In 2022, Enel launched its US retail energy offering, allowing commercial and industrial customers to purchase competitively priced renewable energy directly from Enel’s extensive portfolio of generation assets. Enel intends to expand its retail energy offering to other deregulated states beyond Texas, including Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Enel North America, as part of the Enel Group, is committed to decarbonizing energy supply, electrifying transportation, creating resilient grids, and promoting a just and equitable transition. The company serves over 4,500 businesses, utilities, and cities through renewable power generation, demand response, distributed energy resources, and smart e-mobility solutions. Their portfolio includes utility-scale renewable capacity, energy storage capacity, demand response capacity, and electric vehicle charging ports.

For more information about Enel’s retail energy offering, visit enelnorthamerica.com/retail.

Terence West