EDP Renewables receives authorization to commission Spain’s first wind-solar hybrid project

EDP Renewables has been granted permission to operationalize Spain’s inaugural hybrid project that combines wind and solar power generation at a single location. 

This installation is situated adjacent to the Cruz de Hierro wind farm in Santa María del Cubillo, Ávila. Through its subsidiary, Parque Eólico Altos del Voltoya, in which the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) holds a stake, EDPR has installed over 25,000 solar panels, which will be connected to the wind farm’s substation. This is the first hybrid plant installed in Spain to receive authorization for operation and the second in the Iberian Peninsula, following EDPR’s inaugural global hybrid project in northern Portugal last January.

The wind farm consists of 22 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 14.5 MW, and it will now be supplemented by 13.8 MWp (11.38 MWac) of installed photovoltaic capacity. Together, they will produce over 58 GWh of electricity annually, sufficient to meet the expected consumption needs of approximately 17,000 households in the region. Furthermore, this hybrid plant will prevent the emission of more than 24,000 tons of CO2. The solar installation features bifacial panels, allowing it to harness solar radiation from both sides.

By connecting the solar plant to an existing wind farm, EDPR capitalizes on the use of pre-existing infrastructure to maximize clean energy production, addressing one of the key challenges in renewable development across Europe. Hybridization thus emerges as one of the most efficient means to enhance renewable energy generation without the necessity of expanding the electricity grid and reducing the commissioning time.

Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, CEO of EDP Renewables, stated, “The first wind-solar hybrid farm in the country demonstrates EDPR’s pioneering and forward-thinking nature, as we have been the first company to obtain authorization to operate these projects in Spain and Portugal. Through this hybrid plant, we optimize the power generation of both technologies, enhance grid stability, and ensure a consistent energy supply. We will continue to develop sustainable solutions that optimize the utilization of Spain’s valuable natural resources.” 

EDPR currently has 15 wind-solar hybridization projects under construction and development in Spain, collectively adding more than 200 MW of renewable capacity to the country.