China is building the world’s biggest wind turbine in the middle of the ocean

Mingyang Smart Energy is proud to release the next flagship offshore wind turbine – the MySE 18.X-28X. The MySE 18.X-28X, with 140-meter-long blades and a rotor diameter of over 280 meters, can sweep a vast 66,052m2 equal to the area of nine football fields. Under an annual average wind speed of 8.5m/s, each turbine can generate 80 GWh of electricity per year, sufficient to supply 96,000 residents, while reducing CO2 emissions by 66,000 tonnes. When compared to the installation of 13MW models, the higher output of the MySE18.X-28X would save 18 units required for a 1GW wind farm, shaving off construction costs by 120,000 – 150,000 USD/MW. Going beyond the 18MW threshold, MySE 18.X-28X is the epitome of Mingyang’s consistent innovations and comprehensive upgrade on the proven hybrid-drive technology. The modular and lightweight design, as well as the use of holographic sensing MPC and digital twin DTC technology, serve as the basis for MySE18.X-28X’s intelligent, efficient and reliable operations against the most extreme ocean conditions such as a level-17 typhoon with wind speeds >56.1 m/s. With the new MySE 18.X-28X, Mingyang has taken a major step toward accelerating the green energy transition by driving LCoE reductions and technological breakthroughs for the offshore wind industry.