The last wind turbine for Hollandse Kust Zuid has been installed

Almost two years after construction of Hollandse Kust Zuid began, the last wind turbine of the offshore wind farm has been installed. In the coming months, the interior of the wind turbines will be further completed and tested. Hollandse Kust Zuid will become officially operational later this year.

Project director Ian Bremner: “We are immensely proud of reaching this milestone. The installation of the last turbine is a key moment for the project. Not only for us, but also for our partners and all the suppliers and contractors who helped us get here. Hollandse Kust Zuid is the world’s first subsidy-free offshore wind farm and we look forward to delivering this project.”

The last blade being fitted. Photo: Matthias Ibeler

“Today we are celebrating the final installation of our biggest ever offshore project. The nacelles were manufactured at our factory in Cuxhaven in Germany and the blades came from Aalborg, Denmark. This project once again underlines how the wind industry can offer Europe energy security through its own, clean and competitive sources,” said David Molenaar, Siemens Gamesa’s Managing Director in the Netherlands. 

Siemens Gamesa was supported for the transport and installation of all 139 offshore wind turbines by Cadeler’s wind installation vessel Wind Osprey. The work required skilled engineers and good cooperation between the partners.

Kevin Metcalfe, package manager at Vattenfall and responsible for installing the turbines: “The completion of the turbine installation is an important milestone for Hollandse Kust Zuid. During the 12 months of continuous installation, all teams involved worked closely together and maintained focus to achieve this milestone in a safe and efficient manner. Now that the installation is complete, the teams can start focusing on final commissioning and the operation of the wind farm.” The crew on the helideck celebrate the installation of the latest turbine. Photo: Matthias Ibeler

The crew on the helideck celebrate the installation of the latest turbine. Photo: Matthias Ibeler

139 turbines

This brings the total number of turbines to 139, one less than the 140 originally planned. Last year, one of the foundations was damaged after a collision with cargo ship Julietta D which lost power during a storm and drifted through the wind farm. The foundation was damaged so badly in the process that installing a full turbine at this location is not considered responsible. After consultation with partners, contractors and the authorities, it was decided not to replace the foundation and to remove it in 2024. As yet, there are no concrete plans for the space that is now vacant.