Iberdrola entrusts Ingeteam with the inspection of the wind turbine blades of the German Wikinger offshore wind farm

Ingeteam will be in charge of inspecting blades at the German Wikinger offshore park. For the company it means a new contract with Iberdrola in the same facility, since it was also in charge of its commissioning in 2018 and carried out the corresponding quality inspections in 2021. This offshore park, located next to the island of Rügen, It is part of the largest offshore wind complex in the Baltic Sea and has 70 wind turbines with a total power of 350 MW.
The work that Ingeteam will carry out involves great complexity, which requires the entire team to have extensive experience in demonstrable blade inspection, since it is carried out using vertical rope access. The 21 wind turbines that will be inspected have a total height of 165 meters, are made up of a piece on which the 222-tonne propellers rotate, a 135-meter-diameter rotor, whose blades are 67 meters long each, and a 75 meter high tower.
The human team involved in this project is specialized in these tasks and has specific training approved to be able to work in offshore environments and deal with rescues in complex situations or risk analysis in vertical work.
Projects as important as this one demonstrate Ingeteam’s growth and development in the offshore market as an independent service provider, as well as the company’s ability to develop multiple services and the trust that customers place in it.
This new milestone for Ingeteam consolidates the company’s leadership in O&M services in renewable energy plants with a record number of global capacity maintained in excess of 22 GW.

Ingeteam is a team made up of almost 5,000 people present in 21 countries, convinced that there is a different way of generating, transporting, storing and consuming energy in a more efficient and sustainable way, and they will dedicate all their efforts to this in the coming years.
The company aims to consolidate itself as a leader in renewable generation (wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric), in storage, in the intelligent transport network and in efficient and clean consumption of electrical energy through its electric vehicle chargers, converters , generators and motors for traction, marine, steel, mining and for the production of green hydrogen and submersible pumps and motors for water.
To date, it has supplied 25 GW of photovoltaic solar power with its solar inverters and more than 57 GW of Indar converters and generators to the wind industry. It has more than 11 GW of total installed power in the hydroelectric sector with its Indar generators and more than 12,000 Indar submersible pumps and motors worldwide. Some 9,000 electrical transmission and distribution substations are automated and protected with Ingeteam equipment, integrating more than 31 GW of renewable power into the grid. In addition, it has 3 GWh accumulated in electrical storage facilities and is a world leader in the provision of operation and maintenance services in renewable plants with more than 22 GW of maintained power.
From efficient consumption, it is worth noting the more than 24,000 chargers for electric vehicles, the supply of equipment for 700 electric trains, or for the more than 650 ships that are equipped with Ingeteam technology, allowing an evolution towards hybrid naval propulsion systems and full electric.
The energy transition is no longer the future, it is the present, and to face this challenge they have created the movement “The Real Dream Team” made up of heroes and heroines like you who share the same dream: a world in which production of energy is clean. And how is Ingeteam going to do it? Electrifying society in an innovative and sustainable way through its cutting-edge technology specialized in the conversion of electrical energy and its experience of more than 80 years providing creative solutions to specific problems.