Jüchen A 44n wind farm under construction

After dismantling old wind farm, main components to be reused. Six new wind turbines with 27 MW to be erected this year. Green electricity for more than 26,000 households.

The construction site is bustling with activity: a heavy crane has been positioned, excavators are driving back and forth, the site is being meticulously prepared, and foundations are being poured for the new Jüchen A 44n wind farm. The large components of the old wind turbines, which are still intact, are collected nearby. The nacelles, hubs, drive trains and rotor blades can be reused in the new wind farm, saving resources. The construction of the six wind turbines, with a capacity of 27 megawatts, has been scheduled for this year. Once commissioned, RWE, the city of Jüchen and the energy supplier NEW will jointly operate the wind farm, which is to produce green electricity for more than 26,000 households.

Harald Zillikens, mayor of the city of Jüchen: “After successful dismantling, I am pleased that six new wind turbines will be erected on the same site. Everyone involved shares the goal of quickly getting the new wind farm up and running to generate climate-neutral electricity. In order for this to happen, dismantling and construction have been taking place simultaneously over the past weeks. I would like to expressly thank everyone involved in the project for their contribution.”

Michael Theisejans, Managing Director of NEW Re GmbH: “It is a good sign that work on the new wind farm has already begun. What’s more, the construction is not only new, but also sustainable. Reusing the major components of the old wind farm was particularly important to us.”

The new Jüchen A 44n wind farm is taking shape

Two foundations, each 24 metres in diameter, have already been poured with concrete. In the coming weeks, the teams on site will pour the remaining four foundations. These will form the basis for the new hybrid towers, consisting of concrete and steel segments. Last but not least, the main components, such as the nacelle and the rotor blades, will be reattached.

Agata Schallenberg, head of wind and solar farm construction in Germany at RWE: “As soon as all the wind turbines are erected, we can start with the finishing work and tests. 
This includes laying the cables and setting the electrical parameters. I am already looking forward to this stage, one of the final steps before we can start feeding electricity into the grid. The goal of all our partners involved in the wind farm is to make sure that Jüchen A 44n starts producing green electricity as soon as possible.”

Review: The six wind turbines made by the manufacturer Nordex had to be completely dismantled last year due to construction defects on the concrete parts of the hybrid towers. For this reason, Nordex has not yet been able to hand over the wind farm to the future operators RWE, the city of Jüchen and the energy supplier NEW.

For the latest information, please visit www.rwe.com/windpark-juechen (in German).