Goldwind– First Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturer to Exceed 100GW Global Installed Capacity

Recently, Goldwind achieved an important development milestone by exceeding 100GW of global installed capacity through the successful lifting of several wind power projects in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Guangxi, Yunnan, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, etc. This makes Goldwind the first Chinese WTG manufacturer to reach this milestone. To celebrate this historic occasion, Goldwind held an event to mark the 100GW global installed capacity milestone and launched the new models GWH221-8.X-10 and GWH24X-12.X, setting Goldwind on a new development journey.

Since its establishment, Goldwind has always been deeply involved in the wind power field. With scientific and technological innovation capabilities at its core, the company works together with partners inside and outside the industry to raise the efficiency of renewable energy and accelerate the global energy transformation. At present, Goldwind’s business network spans 38 countries across six continents, with eight overseas regional centers in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, Middle East and North Africa, and the Russian-speaking part of Central Asia. The company is committed to achieving comprehensive internationalization in capital, market, technology, talents and management. In 2022, Goldwind was ranked first in the Chinese market for the 12th consecutive year with newly installed capacity of 11.4GW and a domestic market share of 23%. It also achieved a global market share of about 15% with newly installed capacity of 12.7GW, also ranking first in the global market.

Goldwind wind turbines are continuously delivering clean energy to societies around the world. The 100GW of installed capacity is equivalent to 11% of the world’s wind power installed capacity. This generates approximately 220 billion kWh of green power annually, which is equivalent to the annual power generation of 2.2 Three Gorges Dam, and can provide electricity for more than 76.8 million three-member families for one year or support 477 days of operation for China Railway Highspeed. This achievement also reduces 180 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide, which accounts for about 1.6% of the total CO2 emissions in China in 2022, and is equivalent to 100 million cubic meters of forest reforestation, making a significant contribution to global sustainable development and carbon emission reduction.

Wu Gang, the Chairman of Goldwind, said: “The achievement is the joint efforts and persistence of countless practitioners of long-termism. We have received support not only from the Chinese government’s far-sighted and forward-looking policies, but also from numerous electricity companies who have adhered to the energy transition strategy for many years and given us trial and error opportunities for our domestic equipment development. The cohesion and collaboration of the Chinese wind power industry chain has also played a crucial role. Standing at this new historical starting point, Goldwind will persist in sincere cooperation with all partners to further promote the high-quality development of the wind power business. We remain fully committed to undertaking the mission of advancing renewable energy and contributing to a green and low-carbon future.”

As Goldwind pivots towards high-quality, large-scale development and the market trend of large MW-class, intelligent and green wind turbines, it officially launched its new models GWH221-8.X-10 and GWH24X-12.X, addressing the challenges brought by uncertainties such as unstable wind resources, unpredictable grid fluctuations, scarce development sites and low project construction matching to continue to create value for customers. The new product launches are based on the strategy of providing flexible combinations of products, towers and solutions for different scenarios to achieve improvements in the quality and efficiency of wind power assets. Taking a plain wind farm in the northwest with an annual average wind speed of 7m/s and a project capacity of 200,000 kW as an example for calculation, the new product platforms can reduce the number of turbines for the project by 20% to 40%, investment cost per kW by 8% to 15%, and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) throughout the whole life cycle by 6% to 12%. The new model platform has been awarded a Certification of Compliance for Design Assessment by the China General Certification Center.

Having achieved the 100GW global installed capacity milestone, Goldwind will continue to uphold its philosophy of the “Long-distance Running in Wind Power” and the corporate mission of “Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow”. Goldwind focuses on innovation and breakthroughs in products, technology and services, and remains committed to building an energy foundation to drive a renewable future, and will continue to work closely with partners from all walks of life to create a “golden age” for global wind power.