Wind power in Peru: Port of Paracas begins downloading 13 wind turbines from the San Juan de Marcona wind farm

The Port of Paracas began the unloading of 13 wind turbines, belonging to the San Juan de Marcona wind power generation park in Nazca. The Siskin Arrow, 210 meters long, mobilized a batch of 78 sections of towers, 13 hubs, 13 nacelles and 13 drive trains.

The blades corresponding to these wind turbines will arrive in a week on board the Nomadic Milde ship.

This is the third operation belonging to the San Juan de Marcona wind farm that is carried out through the Port of Paracas. The San Juan de Marcona wind energy project in Nazca will allow the introduction of non-conventional renewable energy to the National Interconnected Electric System of Peru (SEIN).

“This wind project will allow the generation of clean energy, taking advantage of the characteristics of the south winds. It is the third landing operation carried out by the Port of Paracas. We continue working committed to increasing the sources of green energy for all of Peru”, said the Operations Manager of the Port of Paracas, César Rojas.

“The cargo batches will be stored in the port until they are transferred to Marcona (Nazca), where the project is located,” added the professional.