Siemens Gamesa opens an offshore wind energy center in Spain

Siemens Gamesa bets on Sarriguren to open an offshore wind center in Spain. Its teams will be located both in the offices of the City of Innovation in Navarra and in Zamudio (Bizkaia).

This initiative will strengthen the R&D capacity of Siemens Gamesa in Spain, where one of the company’s largest centers in this field is located: Sarriguren.

A few weeks ago, the central government approved the marine areas where wind farms will be allowed to develop on the Spanish coast.

The wind turbine manufacturer has announced that in 2025 the team at this marine center, divided between Sarriguren and Zamudio, will reach 50 employees, and has already summoned the first positions for a department that will have qualified employees with an engineering and management.

Initially, he wants to fill these vacancies with the personnel affected by the current ERE, agreed between Siemens Gamesa and the UGT and CCOO unions.

The wind turbine manufacturer has not specified the distribution of jobs by centers.

This offshore wind center will be focused on the execution of projects in the areas of engineering and design and will support the global team dedicated to the execution of offshore wind projects in northern Europe.

The equipment will be located in Sarriguren and Zamudio, which will give rise to a Spanish “hub” for offshore wind.

The start-up of this center will be oriented towards the future development of offshore wind power in Spain, where there are still no commercial projects. Some sources anticipate that the first parks in the sea will see the light at the end of this decade.

The launch of this center is part of the Mistral strategic program, which includes capacity adjustments in certain areas and an increase in employment in others, such as the offshore wind business.

In 2022, sales from Spanish suppliers to Siemens Gamesa related to offshore projects in Denmark, Germany, France and the United Kingdom reached 143 million, around 10% of total sales. This figure is higher than the 55 million of 2021.

According to the company, the execution of Siemens Gamesa offshore projects outside of Spain has a positive impact on employment and activity in the country.