Rotor extension upgrade provides up to 20% AEP increase

The Nordex Group just realized its first rotor extension project. Seven N100 Gamma turbines of a French wind farm have been successfully upgraded.
Turbines developed decades ago can benefit substantially from technology upgrades. By upgrading to state-of-the-art technology, a turbine’s efficiency and performance can improve, cutting running costs and ensuring they remain low in the long term. Additionally, the lifetime of a turbine can be extended, bringing several years of additional revenue at comparatively low expense.
The Nordex Group has reflected on upgrading in a creative way, transforming N100 turbines into N117s by exchanging the blades and gearboxes with those of the N117 turbine. This innovative approach to repowering provides significant advantages to customers: for example, up to a 20% increase in AEP, improved sound performance (-4dbA), and a lifetime extension from 20 to 25 years. All this can be achieved in the short-term, and without entering into any new permitting processes.
“We are currently in discussions with some of our French customers to implement this solution on their Gamma turbine fleet, but we hope to roll it out globally moving forward,” explains Eric Duchatelet, VP Global Technology Management QHSE.
In summary, the project team exchanged 21 blades and seven gearboxes. The work was carried out according to schedule and was sustainable too, as defective blade parts and old gearboxes have been refurbished and reused.

For more detailed information, make sure to watch our project video here: