Acciona signs a wind power PPA with Fortia

ACCIONA Energía has signed a new power purchase agreement (PPA) with FORTIA, the energy management platform for large industrial consumers, for the supply of all the energy generated by six wind farms for the next 10 years. This agreement follows the one signed with FORTIA for 1TWh last year, which was the largest corporate renewable PPA with physical delivery for the industry in Spain. 

The supply will reach 254GWh per year and will contribute to the supply of different industrial facilities from FORTIA’s customers. The energy will be generated at six wind farms with a combined capacity of 117MW.

Thanks to this agreement the large industry will avoid the annual emission of almost 30,500 tons of CO2, while having a diversified, secure, and competitive 100% renewable supply. In addition, it will help to stabilize energy supply costs and boost the decarbonization of industrial activities. 

“We are very happy to continue expanding our collaboration with FORTIA and its shareholders, and our contribution to the energy transition of the large industry,” said Javier Montes, commercial director at ACCIONA Energía. “Thanks to this kind of agreements we continue to reinforce our strategy to increase the volume of our medium and long-term supply contracts, so that we maintain a balanced portfolio in our non-regulated assets”.

Juan Temboury, CEO of FORTIA, said: “The signing of this wind PPA with a major utility such as ACCIONA Energía will help to promote a more sustainable and secure industrial model by providing our customers with access to renewable energy at a competitive price. The current energy crisis has made clear the need to find solutions that contribute to strengthen the important role of industry and its value as one of the pillars of our economy. With this new agreement, FORTIA and ACCIONA Energía offer the industry a 100% renewable, secure and competitive energy supply,” he concluded.

With this contract, FORTIA continues promoting a more sustainable industrial and energetic model, while ensuring that its customers have access to renewable energy at stable and competitive prices. 

ACCIONA Energía is the largest 100% renewable energy company with no fossil legacy in the world. It has 11.4GW of renewable energy and commercial operations in 30 countries. With 30 years of experience, ACCIONA Energía offers a complete portfolio of tailor-made energy solutions for its corporate and institutional clients to meet their decarbonization goals. ACCIONA Energía is committed to the highest environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards. ACCIONA S.A., a leading global company in the provision of regenerative solutions for a decarbonized economy, is the reference shareholder of ACCIONA Energía.


FORTIA Energía. Founded in 2007 by a group of large consumers, Fortia Energía emerged as an innovative solution for the supply of electricity to basic industry and is currently the largest independent supplier in the Iberian Electricity Market (Mibel). With a model based on transparency and flexibility, it provides innovative supply solutions adapted to the requirements of large corporate clients in the industrial sector, supplying electricity to more than a hundred production centers in Spain and Portugal.