Roxtec waterproof seals for floating wind turbines

Saitec Offshore Technologies and Roxtec collaborate for the future of renewables.

Saitec Offshore Technologies, located in Bilbao (Spain), has installed Roxtec cable seals in its innovative SATH floating wind turbine concept. Having already tested and installed the seals in their previous BlueSATH project, they decided to use several different solutions from Roxtec in their DemoSATH 2 MW project.

Fruitful collaboration on projects
Saitec Offshore Technologies has designed the SATH floating wind concept, a unique floating platform for offshore wind turbines suitable for low water and deep water. Since Saitec had good previous experience working with Roxtec, they decided to continue the collaboration on this project. The requirement was a totally waterproof solution for the marine environment. In addition, the sealing solutions for partitions and cabinets needed to be able to be opened and removed in case additional cables or conduits needed to be installed.

Flexible and custom stamps
Roxtec round seals and Roxtec compact rectangular pipe and cable seals are used to seal low- and medium-voltage cable ducts, as well as to close cooling ducts from the external offshore environment. Roxtec seals accommodate cables and pipes of different sizes and in this particular case are used for marine power cables ranging from 4mm to 150mm and for pipes from 15mm to 25mm. Roxtec has also created a custom sealing module to make it easier for Saitec to seal flat cables.

Why use Roxtec?
? Water tightness
? Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes
? Proven offshore performance
? Tailor-made solutions
? Share our experience in sealing

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