Wind in southern Germany: RWE wins tender in Baden-Wurttemberg

RWE develops wind project in Ravensburg district. Wind farm could supply green electricity to up to 13,000 households.

Successful tender for RWE: The company wins the latest tender of “Forst Baden-Württemberg” (ForstBW). The land is located in Leutkirch in the Allgäu region, about 40 kilometres east of Ravensburg. Here, RWE plans to erect wind turbines with a total capacity of up to around 20 megawatts.  

Julia Wolf, responsible for the development of RWE wind farms in southern Germany, says: “We are delighted that ForstBW has been awarded the contract and will now start planning. For the energy transition to succeed, we need the rapid expansion of renewable energies. Taking nature conservation and species protection into account, forest areas like here in Leutkirch also offer great potential for onshore wind.”

RWE operates around 90 wind farms in Germany. Further projects are under construction – including wind farms that the company is realising together with citizens‘ associations. In its many years of experience in the development, construction and operation of wind farms, RWE specifically relies on local partnerships: In the meantime, several wind farms have been successfully implemented with the participation of local authorities and citizens. Cooperations are crucial for the success of the energy transition. In addition, RWE is paying special attention to innovative projects. In the coming months, for example, the company will be building a pilot project in Lower Saxony in which a powerful 5.7-megawatt wind turbine will be erected on a prefabricated foundation for the first time. The new construction method not only saves RWE time and material, but also around 200 tonnes of CO2.