Nordex supplied almost one third of newly commissioned onshore wind power capacity in Germany in 2022

Based on commissioned onshore wind turbines reported by customers in the market master data register (Marktstammdatenregister) for 2022 in Germany the Nordex Group holds the top place among manufacturers according to the specialist agency FA Windenergie an Land. According to this, in 2022 the Nordex Group installed and commissioned a total of 173 turbines in its home market of Germany, making a capacity of 769 megawatts (MW) for its customers (2021: 285 MW). Compared to 2021 this equates to an increase of about 170 percent. This means that the Nordex Group has increased its double-digit market share in Germany from 14.8 percent to 32 percent.

In 2022, gross capacity of onshore wind turbine installations increased in Germany by almost 25 percent to 2,405 MW (2021: 1,924 MW). The newly installed Nordex Group’s turbines had an average capacity of 4.45 MW.

Karsten Brüggemann, Vice President Region Central of the Nordex Group: “It makes us extremely proud to note that in recent years we have continuously advanced up the top group of manufacturers and have now become the market leader for the first time. This shows the excellence of our technology, which is ideally suited to the German market and is moving the energy turnaround forward. My thanks go firstly to our customers and to the confidence placed in our company. We also very much appreciate their patience as we were not able to install all the projects planned. Thanks also go to our colleagues who have worked tirelessly to facilitate the installations in the current difficult setting. We are looking forward to realising many more projects in Germany as a market of the future in the coming years and so strengthening this location: after all, we manufacture the nacelles in Rostock, in the leading plant of our global production network.

The Group has installed more than 41 GW of wind energy capacity in over 40 markets and in 2021 generated revenues of EUR 5.4 billion. The company currently employs a workforce of approx. 9,000. The joint manufacturing capacity includes factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the United States, India and Mexico. The product portfolio is focused on onshore turbines in the 4 to 6.X MW class, which are tailor-made for the market requirements of countries with limited space and regions with limited grid capacity.