Ingeteam, record new orders for operation and maintenance in 2022

Ingeteam ended 2022 with record new operation and maintenance orders, having signed contracts for 2.25 GW, which brings the total power it manages worldwide to more than 22 GW, equivalent to the energy consumed by more than 22 million homes. The company has thus strengthened its position as an international leader in operation and maintenance services.

Notably, Ingeteam has been awarded contracts for new types of plant such as:

  • Hydrogen plants, with an initial operation and maintenance project in Belgium.
  • Storage Plants, with projects in Australia and the USA.
  • Integrated Water Cycle Plants, where previously our offering was focussed on supplying equipment (motors and pumps), and where, under the new strategic plan, Ingeteam has been awarded two maintenance contracts in Spain.

With 22 years of experience as a provider of operation and maintenance services for power generation plants, Ingeteam has diversified its portfolio of services and clients around the world, to become a solid alternative for the maintenance of generation plants based on renewable sources and integrated water cycle facilities.

Specifically, Ingeteam manages over 9.5 GW in the wind sector, over 11.1 GW in the photovoltaic sector, almost 1 GW in the hydroelectric sector and 103 MW at biomass plants. In addition to working in such sectors, where the company has focussed most of its activity, Ingeteam has made progress in new sectors during the 2022 financial period, demonstrating its ability to adapt to the changing landscape of the renewable energy sector.

About Ingeteam

Ingeteam, is a team of more than 4,000 people in 24 countries, with more than 80 years of experience in providing creative solutions to specific problems to electrify society in an innovative and sustainable way through cutting-edge technology specialised in the conversion of electrical energy.

We want to consolidate our position as leaders in renewable generation (wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric), storage, in the intelligent transport network and in the efficient and clean consumption of electrical energy through our electric vehicle chargers, converters, generators and motors for traction, marine, iron and steel industry, mining, for the production of green hydrogen and submersible motors and pumps for water.

We have supplied 25 GW of solar photovoltaic power with our solar inverters, over 54 GW to the wind industry with converters and Indar generators. We have more than 10.5 GW of total installed power in the hydropower sector with Indar generators, more than 12,000 Indar submersible pumps and motors worldwide and more than 6,000 electrical substations are automated with our equipment. In addition to 1.6 GWh accumulated in electrical storage facilities and being world leaders in the provision of operation and maintenance services in renewable energy plants, with more than 18 GW of power maintained.

In terms of efficient consumption, it is worth highlighting the more than 12,500 chargers for electric vehicles, the supply of our equipment for 700 electric trains, or for the more than 600 ships that are equipped with our technology, enabling an evolution towards hybrid and full electric naval propulsion systems.