A ship with wind turbines for the Aluar wind farm arrived at the Storni dock

The Chinese ship “Da Qing” is moored at site 2 of the Storni Pier in Puerto Madryn, where it transported 18 wind turbines for the fourth stage of the El Llano wind farm, owned by the Aluar company, which is located about 20 kilometers to the north from “The Prettiest”.

The ship arrived at the port town after a trip of one month and 15 days, having departed on October 28 from the Yangzhou port, in China.

Its carrying capacity is 28,605 tons and its current draft is 8 meters. She has a length of 179.67 meters and her beam is 28 meters.

Prior to its mooring, the Puerto Madryn Port Administration (APPM) conditioned the southern fiscal square for the purpose of storing the components until their transfer to the final site.

According to statistics, the blades or blades that make up this model of wind turbines are 74 meters long and are the longest that have been unloaded at the Storni dock in all of history.