The largest operating wind energy production complex in South America is located in Piauí and will be expanded to 2.4 GW

Brazil has the largest wind power park in South America with 230 wind turbines. The venture is located in Piauí with a generation capacity of 2.4 GW and investments of approximately R$ 2.5 billion.
Brazil, a giant in South America, has focused on this goal through wind energy parks.
Enel, a multinational company in the electricity sector with a large presence in the country, generates electricity solely through sustainable sources such as wind, solar and hydraulic. With a total installed capacity of 4.9 GW of renewable energy, where more than 2.4 GW is generated through wind energy parks, around 1.2 GW of solar energy and 1.3 GW of hydraulics, which makes the group the largest player in wind and solar power today. country.
In 2012, the country ranked 15th. The expansion of wind farms is great news, considering that wind energy has all the characteristics to lead the global transition towards the use of green sources, promoting the replacement of energy matrices focused on fossil fuels, such as natural gas and coal. , for those with low or zero carbon emissions, based on renewable sources, whether wind, solar or hydraulic.

The substitution of polluting fossil fuels for energy generated from clean sources is called electrification, an efficient and economical way of decarbonising final consumption in transport, industry, commerce and also in homes.

Being free, inexhaustible and available in a large part of the earth, green sources make energy self-sufficiency more viable and advance towards sustainable development. However, despite the privileged position in relation to its energy matrix, it is necessary to boost investment in the South American giant and several companies are already doing their bit.