Offshore wind energy can create half a million jobs in Ceará

The forecast would be based on Sedet’s calculations that every 1 gigawatt of installed power offshore would generate around 9,000 jobs.
However, the potential to be explored on the coast of Ceará is 48 GW, considering all the planned projects, which would be stimulated to meet the demand for energy for, among other purposes, green hydrogen projects in the coming years.
The green hydrogen sector in Ceará, in addition to starting a new type of business, could indirectly lead the State to zero the employment deficit in the current labor market. According to Maia Júnior, secretary of Economic Development and Labor of the state government, the offshore wind power generation segment alone could, in a few years, generate around 480,000 jobs.
Based on these data, Maia Júnior, who spoke exclusively with the Verdes Mares System, pointed out the forecast of generating around 480 thousand jobs in the next 10 or 15 years.

Currently, even according to data from the Ministry of Economic Development, the deficit of job vacancies, without considering the discouraged, is 412 thousand people.

“The great challenge of a state, in addition to growing the economy, is to generate employment. Once the projects we have here are implemented, Ceará will enter a boom in economic growth that is much greater than the previous one. If we take a series of 10 o 15 years of growing twice as much as we do today, we will generate a substantial change in attracting talent, in retaining it, in the average salary and in the quantitative generation of jobs”, Maia said.
“These jobs generate a huge salary bill. 1 gigawatt of offshore generation employs 9,000 people and we have 48 GW as a challenge to implement in licensing. Of course, they won’t all happen at once. But 9,000 on average, implementing everything, we are talking about almost 480,000 jobs, and that amount means that we will not have unemployed people in Ceará looking at the panorama of the labor market today”, she added.

As for the discouraged, those people who have already given up looking for work, Maia said that the most current estimate is that there are about 300,000 people in Ceará.