COP 27. Wind power as technology and AEE in Sharm el Sheikh

The Climate Summit COP 27 has just been inaugurated. More than 190 delegations, 40,000 attendees, will address the crisis caused by climate change until November 18 in the city of Sharm el Sheikh. The Wind Energy Business Association (AEE) will be present to value the contribution of wind power as a leading technology to combat climate change. Energy is one of the key issues at COP 27. It is vital that the role of renewable energy in mitigating climate change is reaffirmed. Wind energy accounts for 7% of the electricity consumed in the world and 51% of renewable generation.

In the past year, 92 GW of wind power were installed worldwide. Of these, 72 GW correspond to onshore wind power and 21 GW to offshore wind power. In 2021, the wind power capacity installed worldwide increased by 12%. Spain occupies the second position in cumulative installed wind power (onshore and offshore) in the European Union, with 14% of its capacity, after Germany. Worldwide, it remains in fifth position with 4%, being surpassed by China (with 45%), the United States (18%), Germany (9%) and India (5%).

Tomás Romagosa, Technical Director of AEE, will be in Sharm el Sheikh on November 14-17, participating in work sessions.