EDP Renewables inaugurates a new Wind Farm in Poland

  • The facility, situated in Budzy? – western Poland, has a total capacity of 70 MW and will produce enough energy to power more than 85,000 households;
  • The undertaking reflects EDPR’s commitment to the energy transition and energy independence of Poland, and Europe as a whole.

EDP Renewables (Euronext: EDPR), the world’s fourth largest renewable energy producer, and second in the Polish renewable energy market, inaugurated today the Budzy? Wind Farm in western Poland.

The wind farm operates 35 turbines, each with a capacity of 2.0 MW, adding up a total installed capacity of 70 MW. The project will allow to save more than 215,000 tons of CO2 per year, and will supply energy to more than 85,000 households. This new wind farm reflects EDPR’s commitment to the development of the local economy through the creation of new long-term jobs, as well as adding clean energy to the Polish market in nationwide perspective. 

The inauguration event was attended by local government and EDPR representatives, in addition to the special participation of Budzy?’s school pupils. In total, more than 160 attendees celebrated the inauguration.

Speaking at the event, Joaquim Barbosa, General Director EDPR Poland said: “Budzy? Wind Farm is an important milestone for EDPR both at a local and national perspective. The project will not only add clean energy to the grid in such unstable times for polish energy market, but it will also contribute to decrease the energy prices, provide new jobs, infrastructure, and tax income for local government & citizens. EDPR is proudly contributing to the energy independence of Poland and will continue to help accelerate the energy transition at a global level”.

The construction of the Budzy? wind farm was a four-phase project. The first 40 MW were connected to the grid at the end of April of 2022, and the next 20 MW at end of August 2022. Remaining 4MW and 6MW will be connected at the end of October. 

The Wind Farm in Budzy? (70 MW) is the third investment done by EDPR in the Greater Poland Voivodeship – together with the Wind Farms in Margonin (120 MW) and Paw?owo-Go?a?cz (80 MW). In conjunction, they provide energy with a total capacity of 270 MW. 

Since it entered the country in 2008, EDPR has built in Poland more than 800 MW of renewable energy, reflecting its dedication to accelerate the energy transition in the country and at a global level.