Enercon France announces signing of a contract for a 14 MW wind farm with developer Valorem

ENERCON France has recently signed a contract with Valorem for the installation of 6 E-82 E4 wind energy converters on the site of Ceilhes-et-Rocozels (Hérault, France) with a total capacity of 14.1 MW.

This is the first collaboration between ENERCON and VALOREM. Philippe TAVERNIER, Deputy General Manager of the VALOREM Group comments: ‘We are delighted with this first collaboration between our group and ENERCON and hope that it will be followed by many other achievements on our projects in France and in Europe’.

‘ENERCON is proud to sign its first contract for a wind farm with the independent French developer Valorem. The Amoures Bouissac wind farm is an ambitious project, which requires a lot of control and management in terms of transport and installation, as it is located in very mountainous territory. ENERCON, already experienced in the area of the Haut-Languedoc, will be able to meet the challenge alongside the Valorem and Valrea teams,’ added Frederic Maenhaut, Chief Commercial Officer (Project), ENERCON.

The Amoures Bouissac wind farm will produce 36 GWh annually, equivalent to the electricity consumption of 11,000 inhabitants and representing nearly 55 per cent of the residential consumption of the community of communes where it is located, for a total investment of €24.5 million. The development of the Amoures Bouissac project began in 2001 and planning permission was granted in 2016. While waiting for a solution to connect to the electricity grid, VALOREM has chosen to optimise its project by increasing the length of the wind energy converter blades by 6 metres, increasing the expected green electricity production of the wind farm by more than 20 per cent.

The wind farm is scheduled to be commissioned in early 2024. The WECs will be allocated to ENERCON’s maintenance base in Soubès, which already manages 120 MW (66 WECs) and employs 6 technicians to date.

ENERCON South France has recently reached 1 GW of installed capacity in the Occitania, PACA and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions. Since the installation of the first maintenance base in Mende in 2007, 478 wind energy converters have been built in these regions. 78 people (including 65 technicians) in seven maintenance bases and two sales offices support the south of France and make ENERCON the market leader with a 42 per cent share in this area.