Naturgy builds 683 MW of wind and solar power in Spain

The company currently has 20 wind farms and photovoltaic projects under construction and will start work on another 9 facilities in the coming weeks, with a total investment of 528 million euros.
The company continues with its strategy of developing a portfolio of renewable generation projects, which will be added to the 5.3 GW of installed power currently in operation worldwide.

Naturgy is immersed in the construction of some thirty wind farms and photovoltaic plants in Spain, which will represent the incorporation of 683 MW of new power to the Spanish renewable park over the coming months. These projects, a dozen of which are expected to come into operation before the end of the year, represent an investment of 528 million euros.

The company is currently building 20 facilities and over the next few weeks will start work on another 9 projects. The new renewable wind and photovoltaic power plants totaling 683 MW are located mainly in Extremadura (310.3 MW), Andalusia (150 MW) and the Canary Islands (71.9 MW). The rest are distributed in Catalonia (49.4 MW), Galicia (46.2 MW), Murcia (34 MW) and Castilla-La Mancha (21.7 MW).

This new renewable generation capacity will generate nearly 1,600 GWh/year of electricity, the equivalent of the consumption of more than 450,000 homes, and will prevent the emission of more than one million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

228 MW in operation before the end of the year

The company’s forecast is that a total of 228 MW will come into operation before the end of the year, corresponding to ten facilities: PV Tabernas I and PV Tabernas II in Andalusia; FV Canredondo in Castilla-La Mancha; FV Miraflores in Extremadura; PE Els Barrancs and PE Punta Redona, in Catalonia; PE Agüimes, PE Camino de la Madera, FV Puerto del Rosario and FV Salinetas in the Canary Islands. These facilities join two others, Torozos II and Espina, in Castilla y León, which have already come into operation this year.

In this way, the company continues with its strategy of developing a renewable portfolio, which already has more than 5.3 GW of installed power in operation in Spain and internationally.

During the first half of the year, the company increased its global installed capacity, mainly in Spain and Chile. Naturgy expects to close the year with an increase in its installed capacity of 500 MW and to continue its growth in renewables in 2023 with an additional 1,500 MW of installed capacity worldwide.

In Australia, the company has several projects in various stages of development that will allow it to increase its total installed capacity in the country by around 1,000 MW in the coming years. Also in the United States, Naturgy continues with its growth plan and has already begun construction of its first photovoltaic plant in this country, where in the coming years it will develop 3.2 GW of solar and 2 GW of storage.

In the field of offshore wind power, Naturgy reached an agreement last April with the Norwegian Equinor for the analysis and development of offshore projects in Spain and to take advantage of their complementary capacities for the development of this technology, which has great potential in the future.