David Trebolle, new general secretary of Protermosolar

David Trebolle has been appointed new general secretary of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Thermal Industry (Protermosolar) to replace Gonzalo Martín, the association reported in a statement on Monday.

Gonzalo Martín will continue to be linked to Protermosolar as a senior advisor and will collaborate with David Trebolle.

Trebolle has twenty years of experience in the energy sector in London, Brussels and Spain.

He has led and managed multidisciplinary teams as director of European technical regulation, smart grids and advanced applications in the group of experts of distribution system operators through the four European electricity distribution organizations (Eurelectric, EDSO, GEODE and CEDEC) on behalf of 2,700 companies in the sector.

He has a degree in Industrial Engineering, Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) and a Master’s degree in Regulation and Economics of the Electricity Sector from the Universidad Pontificia.

David Trebolle, secretario general de Protermosolar

David Trebolle is a professor at this university, as well as at the Madrid Polytechnic, and collaborates with the universities of Seville, Catalonia and the Basque Country in their interdoctoral teaching program.

Protermosolar is the association that represents the Spanish sector of the concentrated solar power industry.

Spain has an installed capacity of 2,300 megawatts (MW) of solar thermal energy, which represents approximately a third of the world’s capacity, and Spanish companies dedicated to this field are present in more than three quarters of all projects in the world, according to association data. 04-07-2022|Categorías:

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