Chad’s first wind farm could be operational by 2025

Savannah Energy will build 500 MW of renewable energy in the Republic of Chad, including a 100 MW wind farm that will serve the capital city, N’Djamena, under a new agreement signed with the Chadian government.

The 100 MW Centrales d’Energie Renouvelable de N’Djamena wind farm will be combined with a 100 MW capacity solar farm and storage capacity. Together, the wind-solar storage project will more than double the capital’s energy supply.
Project approval is expected in 2023/24 and first power will be delivered in 2025/26. Savannah plans to finance the project with internal cash flows and project debt.

Savannah Energy is an upstream oil and gas company formerly active in Nigeria and Niger that acquired a 75% stake in Chad’s Doba oil field in January. Plans more fossil fuel purchases in Cameroon.

However, in a January 2022 business update, it announced that it had established a new renewable energy division. He stated: “Opportunities exist across Africa in the renewable energy space,” adding that Africa “represents a potentially large target market of more than 310 GW by 2030.” He believes his “operational hydrocarbon asset management skills are directly transferable to the renewable energy space.”

Its first renewable energy project, announced in March, is a 250MW wind farm in Niger with up to 60 turbines. The 250MW Parc Eolien de la Tarka project will also be self-financed by Savannah and owned by a subsidiary.

In Chad, the N’Djamena project will follow a 300 MW solar farm, with battery storage, in Komé, southern Chad: the Centrale Solaire de Komé. This project will provide power for the Doba Oil Project and the surrounding towns of Moundou and Doba.

The N’Djema wind farm will be the second in Chad. The 1.1 MW Amdjarass wind farm features four 275 kW Vergnet wind turbines and was commissioned in 2016.