Ducted Wind Turbines

The DWT D3 wind turbine was developed at Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, New York.   You will find a fact sheet, spec sheet, and brochure attached along with this email.

The DWT D3 is commercially ready.  DWT has several years of data supporting our turbines performance, durability, and efficiency along with 3rd party validation and USDOE NREL funding.  DWT believes that distributed energy production will be the answer to the stress that is being put on the grid. The DWT D3 turbine can be mounted on ground monopole towers, or roof-mounted systems and can be connected to the grid or off-grid.  The DWT D3 is compatible with a solar PV array and ideal for battery charging or back up power supply.

DWT would be pleased and excited to be “featured” on your webpage as a new available product, or as a spotlight article. We have a disruptive technology and would like the world to learn about its features and benefits. We believe our turbine will have a huge impact on society and improve people’s quality of life. The DWT D3 wind turbine will provide energy where there is intermittent power, no power available or back up power when the grid fails.