Brazil will announce wind energy project in the NE equivalent to 50 Itaipus

President Jair Bolsonaro said this Friday morning that he will soon announce a wind energy project on the coast of the Northeast region together with the private sector that could, on its own, generate electricity equivalent to 50 hydroelectric plants in Itaipu.
In an interview with Rádio Metrópole FM, from Cuiabá (MT), Bolsonaro did not specify what type of project he was referring to. The Northeast is the main wind generation area in Brazil, attracting strong investment from the private sector in the last decade.
“In a short time, we are going to announce in the next few days with the private sector, because we don’t have money, we can in a few years have power generation on the northeast coast equivalent to 50 Itaipus, clean energy, wind power, where from there we are going to be producing green hydrogen, that the whole world is interested in green hydrogen and we are going to send energy to the whole world”, he said. The green hydrogen that Bolsonaro refers to is produced in an electrolyser that consumes exclusively renewable energy, which makes it a fuel with the potential to fight climate change.