Greenalia: Lamas de Feás Wind Farm

The Lamas de Feás Wind Farm is part of the Galician Wind Sector Plan, in the municipalities of Baltar, Calvos de Randín and Os Blancos
The project foresees an investment of 27 million euros and a mobilization of more than 300 jobs
The annual production of the Wind Farm is estimated at more than 103,000 MWh, and the company expects its positive impact on local administrations through fees and taxes to exceed 650,000 euros.

Greenalia advances in the development of its pipeline in Spain and a new Wind Farm (WF) enters the public exhibition phase. Lamas de Feás WF will be installed in the municipalities of Baltar, Calvos de Randín and Os Blancos (Ourense, Galicia, Spain).

This 33 MW Wind Farm will have a production of 103,174 MWh/year, seven 5 MW wind turbines, with a hub height of 127.5 meters and a rotor diameter of 145 meters. In total, an investment of 27 million euros.

The alternative chosen for the development of this WF is within the ADE of A Guioncha, included in the Galician Wind Sector Plan. It will not affect the spaces protected by the Galician Network of Protected Areas and the Natura 2000 Network. Likewise, the area included in the proposal for the Expansion of the Natura 2000 Network and the areas included in the Catalog of Wetlands of Galicia have also been excluded. . Its location is also outside the bird protection areas (IBA).

The new park structures are planned in the so-called transition zone of the Gerês-Xurés Cross-Border Reserve. However, they are more than 5.5 kilometers from the central area.
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The environmental study includes the implementation of corrective measures in the flora. This section highlights the revegetation process of the habitat that may be affected during the works. Once completed, a revegetation of almost 39,000 m2 will be carried out. The area will also be improved by cleaning up the existing biomass. In addition, as a complementary measure, 2.5 hectares of melojares will be reforested.

As for the birdlife, a pre-operational study has been carried out that has been completed with the existing data in the Xunta de Galicia on the presence of the golden eagle. With these data, the absence of this species is concluded.

After analyzing the main landscape elements included in the Galician Landscape Catalog, the presence of the Lamas de Feás Wind Farm is considered compatible.