Iberdrola starts a wind farm in Greece

Iberdrola has laid the first stone of what will be the Askio III wind farm located in Greece. The company has detailed that this new installation, whose completion is scheduled for next fall, will have 50.4 megawatts (MW) and will be able to supply electricity to more than 54,000 homes.

This wind farm will have 12 wind turbines of 4.2 MW of power each. The blades of these wind turbines have a length of 70 meters and a rotor diameter (the set of blades and the part that joins them to the main axis) of 150 meters, as specified by the Spanish energy company.
Specifically, it will be located next to the Askio mountain, near the city of Kozani, in the region of Western Macedonia. In addition, Iberdrola has highlighted that during its construction it will generate an average of 75 jobs, with peaks of up to 150 jobs.

These works will also be conditioned by the slope of the terrain and the difficult climate of the high mountains. For this reason, the company expects to finish this project next autumn with the main objective of avoiding the frequent snowfalls that are usually recorded in the area during the winter months.
On the other hand, it should be noted that the group is building in Greece, in addition to the Askio III wind farm, the 33.6 MW Mikronoros wind farm located in Rodopi. In addition, this year Iberdrola plans to begin construction of the 18 MW Rokani wind farm in Viotia, which will have the largest wind turbines available, as well as the 37.8 MW Askio II wind farm in Kozan.