Aluar will invest 130 million dollars in a wind farm in Puerto Madryn

The firm explained that it will have 18 wind turbines with a nominal power of 4.5 MW, which will add 81 MW of power to the current renewable energy production of the park that already supplies the primary aluminum production plant.

The construction will add 81 MW of power to the current production of renewable energy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

The Aluar company will invest 130 million dollars in the construction of stage IV of the Aluar Wind Farm, located in one of the company’s properties, 20 kilometers from Puerto Madryn. This was communicated to the National Securities Commission (CNV) through a letter signed by its president, Alberto Eduardo Martínez Costa, who announced that the work will be completed in December 2023.
In this way, the company “will contribute to the energy transition by also taking into account that the energy that will be produced in this instance will reduce the generation of greenhouse gases by approximately 150 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. “, highlighted company sources.