Russia enters 15,000 million euros for exports to Europe since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine

Russia has entered 15,000 million euros since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, thanks to exports of gas, oil and coal to the European Union, according to data from the CREA study center (Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air).
European gas imports have brought Russia 9.4 billion euros; those of oil, 5,000 million; and those of coal, 380 million, according to the same source.
The high bill gives strength to the EU countries in favor of giving up energy imports from Russia to break the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Putin finances more than a third of national budgets thanks to income from the sale of hydrocarbons and Europe is his main client, with a 50% share.
Poland and the Baltic countries advocate cutting the financial umbilical cord that keeps the Kremlin standing. But Germany leads the group that resists an energy break with Putin for fear, among other things, of the impact on their own economies. But the pressure on Berlin is redoubling every day that Russian bombing of Ukraine continues and civilian deaths multiply.
Next week, during the European summit in Brussels, the possibility of totally or partially renouncing Russian oil and gas will be studied. The event will be attended by US President Joe Biden, who has already decreed an embargo on Russian oil, although his country hardly suffers from this measure because, unlike the EU, it does not have an energy dependency on Russia.
European sources indicate that an agreement could be sought at the meeting so that Washington commits to lowering the price of liquefied natural gas exports to Europe, which would reduce the flow of Russian gas pipelines to community territory.