The Galician Wind Energy Association urges an agreement in favor of renewable energies

The Galician Wind Energy Association (EGA) has urgently requested a “political and social” agreement in favor of renewable energies, since it considers that the energy costs derived from Russian dependence are “unsustainable” and “force” a immediate reaction.
The association has warned in a press release that “Putin’s monstrous war” places the whole of Europe in a situation of “energy poverty”. As pointed out by the EGA, in February life has risen by 7.4%, an “unsustainable” percentage, which joins other increases such as that of “raw materials and the shopping basket.”

For this reason, the association has expressed that, if the ecological transition already “urged” a “determined and unequivocal” commitment to renewable energies, the war and the tensions derived from the invasion of Ukraine “force” an “immediate” reaction.

In this sense, they have considered that “the only possible solution” to deal with increases in fuels or electricity is “greater renewable generation”.

In this line, the entity has assured that Galicia has “enormous” possibilities due to “the quality of the wind and a consolidated sector in the last twenty-five years”.

The Galician Wind Association has argued that “the more renewable energy that enters the electrical system, the more the price of electricity is contained”, which is why they have claimed the need to produce more, something that “can only come” through the implementation of more wind farms, both on land and at sea. In any case, they have pointed out that within this objective “always” reconciliation with the rural and marine environment should be sought.