YPF Luz inaugurated its third wind farm in Argentina

YPF’s Cañadón León Wind Farm will contribute 123 MW of wind energy to the national system, equivalent to the needs of some 150,000 homes.
YPF Luz inaugurated Cañadón León, its third wind farm, located northeast of the province of Santa Cruz, in the town of Cañadón Seco. The park, which began its operation in December 2021, reaches an installed capacity of 123 MW of renewable, efficient and sustainable energy, equivalent to the energy used by more than 150 thousand homes.

Cañadón León has a capacity factor of 53%, one of the highest efficiency levels in the world, and avoids the emission of more than 312,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year. It has 29 wind turbines installed in a total area of ??1,870 hectares.

It required an investment of more than 180 million dollars and is YPF Luz’s first Renovar project, to which 101.52MW of installed capacity is allocated for provision by CAMMESA, while 21.15MW will be allocated to the Term Market for Renewable Energies (MATER). ).

Pablo Gonzalez, president of YPF, highlighted: “we are in a process of energy transition, the world is moving towards it. We maintain that this transition is financed with the oil and gas resources that we have today. We need to take advantage of these resources in a rational way, being responsible with environmental care”-

“We are going to continue with our YPF investment and growth plan. We have a horizon and we achieve this with the professional spirit of the company and the support of political tools. We are going to continue projecting the future, we are thinking ahead”, he assured.

The CEO of the oil company, Sergio Affronti, pointed out that the park “places YPF Luz as the second largest generator of renewable energy in the country. This is the result of the effort and development that we have been making from YPF, working for all these years to be able to provide sustainable energy for the country.