Louisiana sets 5 GW offshore wind power goal

The target has been set out within the state’s Climate Action Plan, intended to complement ongoing efforts to implement the state’s Coastal Master Plan, which serves as a model around the world for comprehensively adapting to the impacts of climate change, and other ongoing efforts of the state.

The Climate Action Plan stated: “Given the availability of wind power as a potential energy resource from the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana’s advantage as a strong offshore energy producing state, and the economic development opportunity that wind power presents, Louisiana should continue collaboration across sectors and develop plans for the accelerated implementation of offshore wind power generation.”

Achieving the 5GW goal requires “strategic collaboration” across Louisiana state agencies and the federal government, transmission planning agencies, energy regulators, utilities, and the private sector to take additional steps to advance the development of offshore wind power generation.

“To spur large-scale, responsible development of this energy resource, efforts should prioritise early and repeated stakeholder outreach, strategic planning for anticipated transmission and workforce needs, and improving the understanding of potential environmental and social impacts and opportunities to avoid, address, or capitalize on them,” the plan stated.