2021 a record year for Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power (EGP) has set a new record in 2021 by building 5,120 MW of new renewable capacity, including 220 MW of battery capacity for the first time. This figure represents an increase of 2,014 MW (+64.8%) compared to the renewable capacity built in 2020. Furthermore, EGP also set a record in terms of energy generated from renewable sources in 2021 with approximately 119 TWh, of which 55.4 TWh from wind and solar, up 9 TWh compared to 2020, 57 TWh from hydro and 6 TWh from geothermal. The growth in the pipeline of projects under development was also notable, reaching approx. 370 GW, which includes renewables, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and capacity already in execution.

“In 2021, Enel Green Power set new records in its growth which, despite the difficult conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, continues at full speed while ensuring safety remains at the heart of our activities,” commented Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power. “These results represent a new benchmark for the industry and are once again testament to our global leadership. Indeed, we operate the world’s largest private renewable generation fleet. In the near future, we will accelerate our sustainable growth, in line with the Enel Group’s Vision, which envisages a total renewable capacity target, including battery capacity, of around 154 GW by 2030. Special thanks go to the entire EGP team, our partners and the local communities we work with. Their passion, enthusiasm and professionalism is what makes it possible to achieve increasingly challenging goals.”

The new renewable capacity built by Enel Green Power at December 31st, 2021, includes around 70 plants, mainly wind (2,596 MW) and solar (2,238 MW). In addition, during the year EGP built a total of 220 MW of BESS at the Lily, Azure Sky Solar and Azure Sky wind plants in the United States.

In terms of geographical spread, the new capacity is distributed as follows:

  • 832 MW in Europe, mainly in Spain and Italy;
  • 1,950 MW in Latin America, mainly in Brazil and Chile;
  • 1,364 MW in North America, mainly in the United States;
  • 754 MW in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

With the 5,120 MW built in 2021, EGP now manages around 54 GW of total renewable capacity, making it the world’s largest private operator in the renewable sector.

EGP managed to achieve thisrecord in a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the construction process of this new renewable capacity, the Group has always made the protection of the health of its workers, employees and the community where it operates the main priority.

This milestone confirms the Enel Group’s commitment to continuing to increase its renewable capacity, with a global geographic footprint, as also highlighted in its 2030 Vision, which foresees reaching a total renewable capacity, including battery capacity, of around 154 GW by 2030.

Once fully operational, the new capacity built in 2021 will produce around 16.3 TWh per year, avoiding the emission of around 11 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. This result will also contribute to the Enel Group’s target to reduce direct greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions to 140gCO2eq/kWh in 2024, putting the Group in a good position to achieve the target of an 80% reduction in direct GHG emissions by 2030 compared to 2017 levels, in line with the 1.5°C scenario, and the Sustainable Net Zero 2040 target.

In 2021, the Enel Group also took an important step towards fully decarbonizing the generation mix by ceasing operations at coal-fired plants with a total installed capacity of 1,983 MW: Litoral (1,120 MW, Andalusia, Spain), La Spezia (548 MW, Liguria, Italy) and units 1 and 2 at Fusina (315 MW, Veneto, Italy).

Enel Green Power®, within the Enel Group, develops and operates renewable energy plants worldwide and is present in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania. A worldleader in clean energy, with a total capacity of around 54 GW and a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro power, Enel Green Power is at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies into renewable energy plants.