Cuba will generate more than a thousand MW through wind energy

Cuba’s energy system has the potential to generate around 1,100 MW of electricity by harnessing wind power.

Professor Alfredo Roque, a researcher at the Center for Physics of the Atmosphere of the Institute of Meteorology, assured that Cuba has the most favorable conditions for the development of this renewable source of energy.

In this sense, he argued that Cuba presents few environmental obstacles that hinder the use of the intensity of the breezes, and specified that studies carried out confirm the existence of 21 areas that meet the requirements for the installation of wind turbines in wind farms.

Roque said that climate projections suggest that the surface wind speed will increase to a greater or lesser extent in the 21st century in a large part of the national territory, which supports the priority given to the execution of the Cuban wind program until 2030.

By then, the construction of 13 of these sites is planned, which should increase the contribution to the national electricity system and help eliminate dependence on fossil fuels.

Currently, only 0.1 percent of the country’s electricity is generated in this way, according to the deputy prime minister and head of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil, at the most recent session of the Cuban National Assembly (parliament).