Ships the first wind turbine that will produce green hydrogen in Chile

The wind turbine that will generate renewable energy for the Highly Innovative Fuels (HIF) demonstration plant in Magallanes has already been shipped in Shanghai. It is expected to arrive in Puerto Mardones after a journey of nearly 30 days on BBC Africa.

“We continue to advance with our hydrogen-based eFuels project. The privileged winds of Magallanes will allow us to have renewable energy for the process and this turbine is a fundamental step for the advancement of the project”, said the general manager of HIF Global, Clara Bowman.

The Siemens Gamesa wind turbine has a capacity of 3.4 MW and will be located next to the plant to provide energy for the electrolysis process, which separates hydrogen from water. The wind turbine will be composed of its respective tower, nacelle, rotor and blades.

It is characterized by its high performance technology and specific design for high speed winds. It is 148.5 meters high (84 meters tower and 64.5 meters blades), equivalent to the height of the Telefónica Tower in Santiago.

In compliance with the provisions of the DGAC and the suggestions of the SAG, type A and B lights (white or red) of medium intensity will be used, and excess luminosity at ground level will be avoided, reducing light pollution in the area.

On the ground, progress has already been made with the assembly platform, which occupies nearly 700 m2. The wind turbine will be mounted on a reinforced concrete foundation, which is about 6 meters deep. In addition, coordination has already begun with the port terminal for the unloading and subsequent transport of the equipment to the ground.
HIF Global is a company whose mission is to accelerate the energy transition towards decarbonization through the production of carbon neutral fuels (eFuels). Currently, the Haru Oni ??Demonstration Plant in Magallanes is under construction, which expects to start production of eFuels during the second half of 2022. More information at