On January 22, the Guajira 1 wind farm is inaugurated

On January 22, the Guajira 1 wind farm is inaugurated
The Guajira 1 wind farm, which is located in Alta Guajira, was completed and will be inaugurated on January 22 with the presence of the President of the Republic, Iván Duque. This was reported by the manager of the Isagen company, Camilo Marulanda López.
The Guajira 1 wind farm will be the largest in Colombia and is the first to be built in more than 17 years in the country, joining the Jepírachi, which came into operation in April 2004.
This project has 10 Danish-made wind turbines of the Vestas brand, 78 meters high and 2 MW each, a boosting substation, a transformer and a 110 kv connection line.

The wind power generation capacity, which is located in Cabo de la Vela, will be 20 MW and the company expects it to come into operation in the second quarter of 2022.

The construction of the Guajira 1 wind farm has generated 55 jobs, mainly for people who live in the indigenous communities that are in the area of ??influence.

At the same time, advances are being made in the prior consultations in the communities surrounding the two transmission lines that will take this energy to the national interconnected system. The first is the one from Colectora to Cuestecitas and the one from Cuestecitas-La Loma.

In La Guajira another 16 wind farms will be built for 10 billion pesos in Uribia, Maicao and Riohacha, which will generate some 11 thousand jobs and which were awarded in an auction that took place in 2019.