The energy transition: EGP and IRENA will collaborate on renewables and green hydrogen

Head of EGP Salvatore Bernabei and the Director-General of the intergovernmental agency IRENA, Francesco La Camera, have signed an agreement to cooperate from a technological, regulatory and financial perspective on the energy transition.

Enel Green Power and IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency, have signed a partnership agreement aimed specifically at accelerating the energy transition. The document was signed during a videoconference between Salvatore Bernabei, Head of EGP, and Francesco La Camera, Director-General of IRENA.

The collaboration primarily concerns the sector of renewable energy generation and the coordination between generation and transmission, green hydrogen and energy storage. But it also extends to the development of regulatory, legal, financial and market tools to further boost the spread of renewable energy “in a sustainable way”.

 “The agreement with IRENA,” commented Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power, “is a new and important opportunity for us to accelerate the energy transition through energy generation that is increasingly green, thanks to joint efforts to boost the development of energy storage combined with renewable energy plants, green hydrogen and the commitment to ensure access to energy for all, in the name of a transition that leaves no one behind. Through this partnership we will be able to leverage greater international coordination to adopt new and more suitable regulatory, financial and legal solutions to support decarbonization.”

Achieving an energy transition consistent with a 1.5°C future requires absolute commitment and cooperation from both the public and private sector,” said Francesco La Camera, IRENA Director-General. “This symbiotic relationship holds the key to unlocking the investments needed to transform the way we power our economies and the speed at which we navigate towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. Enel Green Power is a true global leader in the energy transition, and we look forward to working closely to advance global efforts.

The agreement between Enel Green Power and IRENA also addresses the issue of access to energy and the social sustainability of the energy transition, in addition to promoting international collaboration on renewable energy with programs and initiatives led by either party through, for example, the Global Alliance for Sustainable Energy, of which EGP is a founding member, and IRENA’s Climate Investment Platform and Coalition for Action.