Brazil connects 5 GW of wind energy and solar power in 2021

Brazil has approved 4,993.78 MW of wind power and solar energy, announced the electricity sector regulator, Aneel.

Brazil added 7,562.08 MW of capacity in 2021, an increase of 57.8% compared to the target of 4,790.4 MW set last January. Wind farms accounted for 3,694.32 MW or 48.85%. Solar plants were responsible for 17.18% with 1,299.46 MW added.

According to data from the electricity sector regulator, Brazil connected 1,122 MW of new capacity in December alone. The agency noted that 20 of the 27 states have put into operation at least one new power plant in 2020, covering all five Brazilian regions.

As a result of the new additions, Brazil enters 2022 with 181,532.7 MW of authorized power, of which 82.96% comes from renewable energies.

Wind farms now represent 11.41% of the country’s total installed capacity, while solar energy represents 2.53%. Large hydroelectric plants (UHE), small hydroelectric plants (PCH) and mini hydroelectric plants (CGH) represent 56.20%, 3.03% and 0.46% of the total installed capacity, respectively.