Since the beginning of the pandemic, Iberdrola has awarded 22 billion euros in contracts and has maintained 400,000 jobs around the world

In the final stretch of 2021, Iberdrola Chairman Ignacio Galán reviews the actions taken by the company to contribute to the post-pandemic socio-economic recovery in El Periódico’s special Perspectivas 2022. In an opinion article with an optimistic tone, as of 20 December, he highlighted the following ideas:

  • Confidence that the first months of the year will enable “a downward trend in the risks currently affecting the economy: coronavirus, inflation, high raw material prices and possible restrictions in the financial markets”. With the conviction that “the electricity sector will maintain very significant growth rates and value creation“.
  • The importance of the social dividend and “the contribution to the development of the communities in which we operate, generating employment and strengthening the economy. Iberdrola has awarded more than 22 billion euros to suppliers since the beginning of the pandemic and its activity contributes to maintaining 400,000 jobs around the world”.
  • The company’s commitment to “maintain its objective of contributing to the fight against climate change and to decarbonisation with the development of renewable energy sources, grids and storage, with planned additional investments of 60 billion euros until 2025″.