Indonesia’s Industrial Power Generation & Renewable Energy Exhibition 2022

PowerGen & Renewable Energy Indonesia 2022 together with Solartech Indonesia 2022, Battery & Energy Storage 2022, INALIGHT 2022, Smart Home+City Indonesia 2022 will present over 500 exhibiting companies and are expected to be attend from 10,000 trade visitors in 3 days. The expo will unlock the business opportunities to involve thousands of New Renewable Energy Projects in Indonesia.

A. Good News – COVID-19 Pandemic Development in Indonesia
Covid-19 in Indonesia experienced an improving trend. The national Covid Positivity Rate has fallen below 1% and DKI Jakarta was recorded at 0.2% in the past week, below the WHO’s benchmark standard of 5%. Beside that, USA CDC has categorized Indonesia at Level 1 in Risk Assessment Level for COVID-19. This means that Indonesia is a low risk country now.

B. Indonesia Toward Zero Emission by 2060
Indonesian has made a commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 by preparing a road map starting in 2021. There is a plan for the energy transition to clean and renewable energy. This is supported by the abundant new and renewable resources in Indonesia, an energy source from nature that can be used freely, can be renewed, continuously and unlimited

Indonesia has a great strength and potential in renewable energy sector. The country is able to generate 418 GW from renewable energy sources including hydropower, geothermal, wind, solar panel, biofuel, and ocean current. Related to hydropower, Indonesia has 4,400 large and medium rivers and has the potential to generate electricity up to 94.35 GW (75 GW on a large scale, 19.35 GW on a small scale). Meanwhile, until July 2020, the implementation has only reached 6 GW (8.1%). This means that there is still a large capacity that can be optimally developed. Solar power is one of the forms of RE that will dominate Indonesia’s electricity mix, including solar rooftop systems in future and Indonesia has a solar rooftop potential of 32.5 GW. The government has regulated the implementation of rooftop panels since 2018, and is targeted to reach an installed capacity of 3.6 GW by 2025.
Indonesia’s government has 3 ongoing priority programs to encourage PV development:
1. Rooftop Solar System with a target of 3.6 GW capacity.
2. Development of large-scale Solar Power Plants with a capacity of 5.34 GW.
3. Floating Solar PV projects in 375 locations with a total capacity of 28.20 GW.
Cirata’s Floating Solar PV is the largest in Southeast Asia with a capacity of 145 MW and is ready to operate in 2022. In addition, Batam will build the world’s largest floating solar PV with a total capacity of 7 GWp.

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