Energy Transition: from Commitment to Action

The energy transition grounded in renewables delivers jobs and economic growth, underpins sustainable development, improves health and is among the most effective responses to climate change.

However, the transition must move much faster and international promises made at the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy and COP26 have to translate into concrete implementation and action.

The 12th IRENA Assembly will take place under the overarching theme of “Energy Transition: From Commitment to Action”. In this context, IRENA has launched a global campaign that aims to raise awareness about the transition, and encourage leaders and citizens to #ChooseAction.

IRENA invites everyone to join this campaign by showcasing how they #ChooseAction, retaining a laser sharp focus on how to accelerate the transition and pursue concrete, material progress towards a 1.5-degree future.

How can you take part in the #ChooseAction campaign?

1. Print out this image. Alternatively, you can write the hashtag #ChooseAction on a paper, a screen, an object, your hand… totally up to you! Just make sure that it’s visible on your photo!

2. Pose alone or together with your colleagues, family, friends.

3. Take a picture holding the image.

4. Head to Twitter and don’t forget to include #ChooseAction when tweeting your pic. Tell us how you have decided to choose action – do you drive an electric car? use solar lights in your garden? installed rooftop PV? Share your current actions or your plans with us. 

It is Our future, Your Choice. #ChooseAction

See the campaign video: