DNV to lead study on potential of European hydrogen distribution networks

Independent energy expert and assurance provider DNV will lead a study that will produce a roadmap for European distribution networks to show how they can unlock the growth potential of hydrogen utilization. DNV was contracted to conduct the study by the Ready4H2 project. Ready4H2 is a European project that aims to combine the hydrogen expertise and experiences from across 80 European gas distribution companies and organizations.? The study will include qualitative research and analysis of the experiences that the European gas distribution companies have with hydrogen. This will be divided into specific hydrogen activities on projects, infrastructure, national involvement and on the progression of National hydrogen strategies. DNV brings in knowledge from several successful projects on hydrogen infrastructure, its expertise in regulation of hydrogen value chains and its road mapping capabilities.

DNV will analyze how European gas distributors can contribute to the hydrogen development before developing a roadmap to show how gas distribution companies can support the transformation of Europe’s primary hydrogen distribution infrastructure.

The Ready4H2 initiative was recently launched to support the development of a hydrogen market in Europe. The project currently consists of some 80 organizations from about 15 countries working together to support a strong hydrogen market and create a common understanding of the future needs of gas distributors and how this can transform towards the climate neutrality of the European energy infrastructure.

Peter Kristensen of EVIDA and the project leader said: “The European gas distribution network is enormous – and the Ready4H2 projects represents more than 1.5 million kilometres of pipeline across Europe. There is a significant upside if large parts of the gas distribution network can be repurposed and extended, since they will drive the transition from natural gas to hydrogen at a lower cost compared to developing a new network. To collect knowledge with gas distributors, establish how contributions to the hydrogen value chain can be made and developing a roadmap for transforming Europe’s gas distribution infrastructure is a key part of DNV’s study.”

Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President for Energy Systems, Northern Europe at DNV said: “Projects like Ready4H2 are very important to a successful energy transition. Our Energy Transition Outlook showed that it is vital to stimulate the demand for hydrogen and provide consumers with easier access to the energy, especially in the emission intensive “hard-to-abate” sectors. The Ready4H2 project provides knowledge on how gas distribution infrastructure may be utilized for such purpose and aims to combine the hydrogen expertise and experiences across European gas distribution companies.

“Getting these companies to work together is a major success and DNV is proud to aid this objective in creating a roadmap for European Hydrogen infrastructure. Our study aims to accelerate this process and we expect the participant list to grow across the European gas distribution companies.”

Mick Cramer Jakobsen, DNV’s Head of Customer Relations and Sales for Northern Europe added: “This is an important project to achieve the transformation, to get Power to X (PtX) into gas transport; and with our vast experience with hydrogen and infrastructure across Europe, we are uniquely positioned to drive this study. The hope is that when the project is complete, introducing hydrogen to the infrastructure will be within reach and will transform the natural gas system.”

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