Brazil will be the first country in Latin America to invest in offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy is one of the most innovative and efficient forms of energy production. It is the use of the force of offshore winds to generate electrical energy with wind turbines.
The method is more effective than the process on land, since, offshore, there are no barriers to reduce the force of the winds, which can be fully exploited.
As it is a type of clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy, it is of the utmost importance that there are more and more important investments in wind power production. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, applications in the global wind market need to quadruple to decarbonize electricity and meet the gas emission reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

The data was presented by Rodrigo Ugarte Ferreira, head of acquisitions at Vestas Latam, during the panel “Competitiveness of the supply chain and new business models for the expansion of the wind sector”, at Brazil Windpower 2021.
Furthermore, at the same event, the head of development of wind turbine manufacturer Vestas, Carsten Hallund Slot, stated that offshore wind technology remains a global challenge, but that Brazil has all the necessary power to keep up with international development.

According to the Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, it is estimated that from 2022 it will be possible to include the contracting of offshore wind farms in energy auctions.
The change of infrastructure to receive offshore wind farms will bring several benefits to the country, such as the possibility of new investments, opening of jobs, innovation, in addition to attracting world attention, elevating Brazil to another level of renewable energy production. Furthermore, as Rodrigo Ugarte highlighted in his conference, the production of wind energy is an excellent alternative to diversify the Brazilian energy matrix, which until then was predominantly made up of hydroelectric plants.
Recognizing the great potential of Latin America for onshore and offshore wind power generation, Vestas announced a new global configuration for the region. Thus, starting in 2022, countries such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay join Brazil to form the Latin American region, under the command of Eduardo Ricotta, president of Vestas LATAM.