Nabrawind manufactures the first self-lifting system for wind towers

Navassy builds the first autoization system for the Nabralift 2.0 tower, which can install towers up to 200 meters.
Navassy, ??made up of Navarra Nabrawind, Tetrace and Comansa, will manufacture between 6 and 8 automated systems in the coming years in line with Nabralift’s order book.

Navassy has completed the manufacture of the first automation system for the Nabralift 2.0 tower, developed by Nabrawind, and will shortly be moving to Morocco, specifically to the city of Oualidia, where it will complete the installation of a Nabralift HH144 tower, in a wind farm. owned by the French renewable energy company Innovent.
The Comansa company, which together with Tetrace and Nabrawind make up Navassy, ??has been in charge of the manufacture of the new self-lifting system, whose patented design incorporates numerous evolutions compared to the predecessor model, especially with regard to reduction of time, costs and necessary surface. associated with field assembly.

This milestone corroborates the industrial strength that Nabrawind has deployed to successfully address its market entry, after having generated a network of suppliers that manufacture its components and logistics capabilities to transport said components to their destination.

After this first unit, Navassy will manufacture between 6 and 8 automated systems in the next six years, in line with Nabralift’s order book. Comansa will once again be in charge of the manufacture of the following automated systems through its facilities in Spain and China.

Characteristics of the authorization system
The automated system, which will be operated in the field by Tetrace, has dimensions of 25 meters in height with a distance between its masts of 20 meters. However, the autoizado system stands out for its reduced dimensions compared to the crawler cranes that are usually used to install wind turbines.

Specifically, the logistics related to the autoizado system includes a total of 14 standard trucks. On the contrary, a crawler crane capable of installing 140-meter towers has complicated logistics and requires more than 40 trucks for transport, several of them of special dimensions.

In the same way, the assembly times of the authorization system are very efficient. The entire system is installed in three days and can perform two lifts a day or, in other words, the lifting of a tower between 160 and 170 meters high is completed in three days. Finally, moving from one position to another within the wind farm can be done in just one day.
Comansa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tower cranes and luffing jib cranes for the construction sector. Since its inauguration in the 1960s, it has manufactured and distributed more than 20,000 tower cranes worldwide from its two production centers located in Hangzhou (China) and Pamplona (Spain). It has more than 500 employees.

Comansa offers a complete range of products, designed under the Flat-Top modular system that includes the latest technology and technical innovations. Its catalog currently includes 41 strapless tower cranes and 14 luffing jib cranes, with maximum load capacities from 4 to 90 tons. With this complete range, Comansa offers solutions to all types of construction projects: residential, commercial, industrial, public works, infrastructure, mining, etc.

Tetrace, a company in the renewable sector, established in 2010 in Navarra, Spain. ISP (Independent Service Provider) with more than 200 technicians and engineers located around the world, is specialized in the provision of engineering services, distribution of spare parts, construction and maintenance of renewable assets, where they are a national and international benchmark.

Since its inception, they have shown a remarkable international profile with their 15 own subsidiaries in Spain, the Philippines, India, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, USA and Colombia. TETRACE’s service offering is characterized by its high quality, safety and profitability; being an international company that provides a local response, from a technological, global and sustainable perspective.

Nabrawind Technologies S.L. is a Navarran company, owned by SODENA, that designs and develops advanced wind technologies. It was founded in 2015 in Pamplona in order to develop two patents that the promoters had requested in the parent company Nabrawind S.L.

Since then, Nabrawind has developed three innovative products: Nabrajoint, Nabralift, and BladeRunner.