UK onshore wind energy portfolio reaches 33 GW

The total portfolio of onshore wind farm projects in the UK has risen to almost 33 GW, compared to 30 GW 12 months ago, according to new research published in the latest Wild Wind Project Intelligence report. It covers wind turbine projects that are in operation, under construction, approved or planned in the country, R-UK said.

British employers said that if all projects in the current portfolio went ahead, the UK would reach 30 GW by 2030, more than double the UK’s current operating capacity of 13.9 GW.

RenewableUK CEO Dan McGrill said: “The government’s new Net Zero strategy specifically calls for more onshore winds to be installed in the 1920s and beyond, to help the UK run fully on clean electricity by 2035.” .

According to the latest report, the UK has a variety of projects that can help to reach net zero as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost to consumers, as this is one of the cheapest ways to generate new energy. But to achieve this, planning systems are needed in all four UK countries that reflect the consistent high level of public support for this technology and allow projects to progress where they receive most of the internal support.

“This should include encouraging the restart of older onshore wind projects as they reach the end of their useful life with longer and more efficient turbines. So far less than half of the annual onshore wind capacity we need is allowed to stay on course and achieve our climate change goals, ”added McGrill. Next December, onshore winds will compete for contracts to generate clean power for the first time in five years.
“To take full advantage of job creation and investment, we must move from semi-annual to annual auctions, which are framed according to a government target, at 30 gigawatts of onshore wind capacity by 2030. Doing so would demonstrate great leadership in tackling climate change at a time when the UK had an unprecedented international platform at COP26, McGrill concluded.