ENERCON CEO Momme Janssen in Husum: ‘A successful wind industry requires a functioning domestic market’

ENERCON supports the ‘Husum Appeal’ with political demands from the wind energy sector.

‘Creating new added value with wind energy’ is the subject of the Prime Panel at the HUSUM WIND trade fair. ENERCON CEO Momme Janssen spoke on the high-profile panel where he emphasised the relationship between the economic welfare of the wind energy sector and the local expansion of renewable energies: ‘There cannot be any successful manufacturers, suppliers or project developers in Germany without a functioning domestic market’, said Janssen, and was met with applause from the approximately 150 industry experts in attendance. The ENERCON CEO added that the domestic market is also the key prerequisite for the wind energy sector to develop exportable innovations that will drive forward the global energy transition. Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of Economic Affairs Dr Bernd Buchholz (FDP) underlined the hard work done by state politicians to ensure better framework conditions for wind energy. Momme Janssen and President of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) Hermann Albers both recognised the progress made by Schleswig-Holstein in terms of land designation and approvals. At the same time, all the panelists made it clear that Germany needs to quickly and significantly increase its nationwide efforts in order to be able to satisfy the enormous demand for green energy, for example for the electrification of industrial processes.

BWE President Hermann Albers expressed confidence that the reorganisation of industry to a renewable energy supply – for example through the use of green energy – would establish a new basis for the creation of industrial added value in Germany. However, he went on, this requires politicians to make a clear commitment to wind energy as a key player for the energy transition. For this reason, the BWE has passed the ‘Husum Appeal’ at the last big industry event before the federal elections. It contains the key political demands of around 80 companies, associations and institutions from the wind energy sector. ENERCON made a considerable contribution to this appeal and was one of the first signatories. Because, as Momme Janssen says: ‘What is important is a swift restart and a reliable political course leading to investment security and an ability to plan for the wind industry.’ An investment-friendly climate for wind energy in Germany is the prerequisite for the creation of new added value and achieves acceptance as a result, explained Janssen in Husum. He also warned of politically-induced market fluctuations happening again, like the 80 per cent collapse in German wind energy expansion after 2017: ‘No industry can take a dent like that twice’, warned Janssen. With a view to approval processes and the rate of expansion, the motto is now: ‘Low complexity – high speed!’

Panel (from left): ENERCON CEO Momme Janssen, SH Minister of Economic Affairs Dr Bernd Buchholz (FDP), Wind Specialist Agency Managing Director Dr Antje Wagenknecht, Host Nicole Knudsen, GP Joule CEO Ove Petersen, BWE President Hermann Albers and Stephan Lausmann, Head of Sales Wind Energy at LIEBHERR